Tuesday, November 13, 2007

5 Things MeMe

in my room
  1. CD player
  2. Floor lamp
  3. Small carpet from Kuwait
  4. New quilt
  5. One dresser

i have always wanted to do

  1. Buy a house in Alaska
  2. Take a cruise
  3. Own a bed and breakfast
  4. Buy a house out in the country
  5. Lose weight and keep it off

found in my bag

  1. Tumbling Pigs game, travel edition
  2. several crayons
  3. Honey lemon cough drops
  4. a pad of post-it-notes
  5. a pink pen with pink fluffy feathers on top (thank you Debbie!)

found in my wallet

  1. A very expired license
  2. my military ID card (to cover said expired license!)
  3. my bank card
  4. lots of discount cards for too many places
  5. pictures of my kids

currently into

  1. lots and lots of family time
  2. playing Settlers of Catan
  3. trying to learn to knit socks
  4. learning to cook healthier
  5. taking care of my self, healthwise

So there you go! If you read this, consider yourself tagged (or not....but these are kinda fun to do). Post a comment here and let me know if you answer this tag so that I can go check out your answers. Tagged by K who was tagged by Dani who was tagged by.....well, you get the point!