Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another contest to enter

Win an Insignia Bluetooth MP3 Player. Another contest from 5 Minutes for Moms. I don't know a whole lot about MP3 players (and am beginning to think I'm the only one left who doesn't!) but this is being donated by Best Buy.

So go check it out already!! :)

Pedal Car giveaway!!!!!

5 Minutes for Mom is always holding great contests so be sure to check in there regularly for many more great contests!

Right now you can enter to win a Red ‘65 Mustang Pedal Car from their shop Sound good? Well then hop on over their site: Click here to read more about it and enter the contest.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow Fun!!

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Awesome guy!!

Is there some silly, quirky thing about your guy that just doesn't seem to fit him? My hubby has this thing about building I decide to tell you about it, thinking it such an odd thing. Well, I googled "luge" to give you links to see what I'm talking about, and I happened to find another family's blog about homemade luges! Wow!!

The first time my hubby ever did this, our now 5yo son was only 3 months old (no, he didn't get to try it out). We were visiting our parents in CT and happily, they had snow. We had been living in Louisiana for 5 years by then and were feeling very snow-deprived! My parents have a small farm and the pasture is mostly one big hill, wonderful for sledding (providing you miss the frozen horse plops!) Well, that hill was not enough for my beloved, so he spent 2 or 3 days out there shaping, shoveling, piling.....making this incredible sled run (luge!). After about 3 days of building and trying and building, my Dad finally had pity on him and drove out the tractor and plowed the snow up to the luge! There was hardly snow left at the top of the pasture, it was all incorporated in the luge. We have an awesome movie of it. It was awesome. My two sisters and their families were there from out of town too, and of course, hubby's family lives very close to my parents. So everybody showed up at some point to try out this thing. Yes, even my parents and Mother-in-Law braved it. It was amazing!!

Well, last year, we were blessed to move to Utah. And last winter, after the first good snow storm, there was hubby, out there building a smaller version of his luge in our back yard. There is a small slope in the middle of our yard, so he had to build up a starting ramp for them, but it worked! And the cool thing is, if you pack them good enough, they last for quite a while! (I always wondered how long that one lasted in my parents' pasture!). Well, we had a fairly decent snow a week or so ago and all the snow in the back yard got shaped into a luge (my only request is that they not touch the snow in the front yard as I love the look of it!). Since then, it's melted a bit and then earlier today it was RAINING and the luge was really looking beat. However, we are now having a wonderful snow storm. Currently it is 9:55pm and dh and my oldest son are still out there digging and shaping. Boy o boy is it gonna be fun!! And what the kiddos don't know (and never read this blog anyway) is that they are getting a bunch of cool snow stuff for Christmas: an inflatable snow fort, inflatable shields for snowball fights, and some inflatable sled things!! Woohoo!! And we're supposed to be getting even more snow before Christmas!!

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of the luge in use a week ago, and a darker picture taken at 9:15pm this evening of further construction.

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