Monday, December 15, 2008

School is....

Going pretty well. I am really loving K12 (in case I haven't mentioned that enough times!) We've been able to stay on track with the core subjects and are just a bit behind in art and science (which is fine, we'll catch up). My biggest challenge is working with Little D on learning his numbers and letters. I am determined not to push and misunderstand like I did with Big D, but at the same time we do need to work on I'm trying to maintain a healthy balance. The older two have taught me that no matter what, it WILL come. Just being patient and not giving in to peer pressure (doesn't help that Little D is also quite big for his age, and so I think often people simply expect more of him....thankfully he's such a joyful, loving guy, that people soon see that and nothing else seems to matter much). He is such a blessing to me....he sees life like I do, and I love it! It amazes me how each of these children are so very different in their personalities, and I know that God has carefully crafted each one of them for His great purpose. I'm just looking forward to seeing what that is in their lives.

Okay, just rambling. I noticed I hadn't posted in a while and wanted to add something!