Monday, June 7, 2010

Our "Pet" Bubble Rock

My friend, Eleanor, came to visit us on Mother's Day weekend. She brought lots of fun things for everyone, including a spindle and book on how to spin yarn (for me) and a bag of all kinds of colorful stones, AND a bubble rock (sorry that link takes you to a spot to buy bubble rock....I couldn't find anything more specific about it). So we added white vinegar and then kids decided to add some food coloring too, so we could get colored "bubbles" (aragonite chrystals). Well, all of the vinegar has finally disappeared (and we covered the rock with it) and obviously my glass bowl has somehow got entangled in the process (yes, those are rock hard chrystals clinging to the bottom and on the sides of the bowl). But here is our fully "bloomed" rock (though wondering if it grows more if you give it more vinegar. Little D has now taken it and his magnifying glass around to everyone in the family and had them inspect the shiny chrystals (?? He was desperate to see chrystals, although I tried to explain that is what we're seeing, I think he was hoping for diamonds or something!)