Tuesday, November 13, 2007

5 Things MeMe

in my room
  1. CD player
  2. Floor lamp
  3. Small carpet from Kuwait
  4. New quilt
  5. One dresser

i have always wanted to do

  1. Buy a house in Alaska
  2. Take a cruise
  3. Own a bed and breakfast
  4. Buy a house out in the country
  5. Lose weight and keep it off

found in my bag

  1. Tumbling Pigs game, travel edition
  2. several crayons
  3. Honey lemon cough drops
  4. a pad of post-it-notes
  5. a pink pen with pink fluffy feathers on top (thank you Debbie!)

found in my wallet

  1. A very expired license
  2. my military ID card (to cover said expired license!)
  3. my bank card
  4. lots of discount cards for too many places
  5. pictures of my kids

currently into

  1. lots and lots of family time
  2. playing Settlers of Catan
  3. trying to learn to knit socks
  4. learning to cook healthier
  5. taking care of my self, healthwise

So there you go! If you read this, consider yourself tagged (or not....but these are kinda fun to do). Post a comment here and let me know if you answer this tag so that I can go check out your answers. Tagged by K who was tagged by Dani who was tagged by.....well, you get the point!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Busy bees

Big D at his desk with his timer and radio, practicing cursive writing.
Pink Princess working hard at math from an old textbook.
Little D working on a color-and-cut project. And talking to himself in the mirror......sigh!
So see, we keep busy!!

Preschool Fun

Here is what Little D has been working on each day. He doesn't yet write letters really well without following dotted lines, but that little guy cuts as well as his older brother and sister. So every day he cuts out and decorates a different letter of the alphabet! :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Map Making

Today we were reading about early maps. The Pink Princess was laughing at how funny the maps looked. We read that they used whatever materials they had on hand. So I challenged Big D and the Pink Princess to make maps of our back yard using only materials they found in our back yard. I participated in our challenge as well! :) Here's what we came up with:

Making Maps
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Moving into a new blogspot

This is a continuation of our old blog because I just find it easier and nicer to blog here. Hopefully with more picture space, I'll be able to blog more.

The curriculum we are using this year is My Father's World (specifically we are using Exploring Cultures and Countries). We began school last Tuesday and so far it's been good! :) Actually I'm very excited as the lesson plans are all laid out for me (other than math and spelling/English). I've been doing preschool with "Little D" and he's really enjoying it. So far, each day we are doing a letter of the alphabet....he cuts and glues and decorates the letters. He is an awesome cutter!!