Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bird gullet

Bird gullet
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Yep, Pink Princess had to simulate a bird gullet. Ugh! So here it is, mid process. Inside there is: bread, popcorn, rice, dry oatmeal, 2 tootsie rolls (to simulate worms, we didn't have gummy worms, so I just rolled the tootsie rolls out a bit), pebbles, grapes. Yeah, pretty gross! (and my darling daughter then ATE the tootsie-roll-worms!!!!! Gack!!!!!!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little D's poem

Okay, guess you can't read the words, so here they are:

Theme in Green
I like to crawl around and catch bugs in my mouth.
I am called Lizard!
I get wet with sprinklers and kids like to roll and play on me.
I am called Grass!
I can be climbed by monkey-kids and they can reach the sky.
I am called Tree!