Monday, August 22, 2011

First day back at it!

The 2011-2012 school year has begun!  Big D is again doing a virtual school online (so he’s got teachers he works with for all his classes, has online classes each week, etc.)  The 2 other kids are changing things up this year and we’ll be using a free curriculum, Ambleside Online, for them.  I miss being the one teaching them and I hated doing school merely to check off boxes.  This curriculum involves LOTS of reading and lots of classic literature.  I’m excited about it! My Girlie isn’t as excited as the boys are about starting school, as you can tell from her picture.  She just wants to read her book!  Heh heh!!  Don’t know where she got that from!!!!  ((rolling eyes)).

Friday, August 12, 2011

jump start

Yesterday Girlie and I walked to the store and bought a bunch of spiral notebooks (10 cents ea! so we bought 18)  When we got home Girlie immediately started decorating hers with stickers.  Little D was eager to get going in his nature notebook and ended up starting along with the next door neighbor boy.  Well, a little bit ago Girlie and Little D asked if they could make popcorn and then they "disappeared".  I found them in my garden working in their nature notebooks.  Pretty cool!!!

I think I won't tell them that school doesn't officially start for another week and a half!!!!!!!!!