Monday, September 10, 2007

Moving into a new blogspot

This is a continuation of our old blog because I just find it easier and nicer to blog here. Hopefully with more picture space, I'll be able to blog more.

The curriculum we are using this year is My Father's World (specifically we are using Exploring Cultures and Countries). We began school last Tuesday and so far it's been good! :) Actually I'm very excited as the lesson plans are all laid out for me (other than math and spelling/English). I've been doing preschool with "Little D" and he's really enjoying it. So far, each day we are doing a letter of the alphabet....he cuts and glues and decorates the letters. He is an awesome cutter!!

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Brooke said...

This is Brooke from RVC in Shreveport we too are using MFW exploring countries and are LOVING IT!!!!