Friday, November 19, 2010

it happened again!

So, my youngest Boyo was kind of struggling through phonics, some days it seemed like he was forgetting more than he was learning.  So this year, our K12 teacher suggested we sign him up for Reading Horizons program online.  It's supposed to improve their reading level, sometimes as much as 2 grades.  Well, he's been doing that and liking it BUT like his big brother before him, he found a book that was just too tempting to resist!  The other day he got 5 DK Eyewitness books out from the library.  The favorite so far has been a book about vikings.  He was enjoying looking at all the pictures and kept saying how he wished he had this or that piece of equipment.  Well, last night he plopped down on the kitchen floor while I was cooking dinner.  He had the book, a pencil and paper.  He'd say something like, "What is a 'shee-at'?"  I asked him to spell it and he said, "S-h-e-a-t-h" so I told him it was a sheath.  He was very excited about that and carefully copied down 'Leather sheath and knife' on his paper (oh yeah, also asked what was a 'kuh-niff-ee'...but I was expecting that and said, 'knife'.  And he's so excited at what he's learning too....he just asked his sister if she knew what a 'conical helmet' was.  Yay!!  How exciting!!!  He's got the reading bug now too!!!

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SuperMom said...

The reading bug is the best kinda bug to have!