Friday, August 22, 2008

Science Project

Science Project
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This lovely "contraption" is supposed to measure the humidity. The "scientist" is quite proud of her work, but we can't seem to get it to actually work. The paper squares on the right side are supposed to absorb moisture and weigh the end of the straw down so that the pointer on the other end will rise up our scale (the green triangle on the left) So far, no luck, but this is VERY old paper and it's rather brittle, so we'll try it again and Mom won't try to be so thrifty with the paper. Pink Princess was still rather proud of it though!


matschmomma said...

JC did this last year. But used some different things. If you can't get yours to work let me know and I'll find JC's book for you, his worked AWESOME!

Amy J said...

Oh good! Glad to know it works! We'll play with it a bit today and if it doesn't work I'll definitely try your way. :)

Dana said...

Stinkin contraption! Ours didn't work either.