Friday, November 20, 2009

Was it really a "down day"?

Okay, so somehow today has gone by and not a whole lot of school has happened. Now, here it is 4:30, and only about an hour or so ago did I accept the fact that we are indeed just not doing school today....or are we??? Let me take you on a short tour through our home and describe to you the events taking place....

In the large family room, the younger 2/3rds of the children have been playing make-believe together ALL day long without a single all, none, and they have been having a great time. No movies, no Wii or anything like that, just the two of them in the midst of one huge, day-long story telling/acting adventure. I love it!!!

And that other 1/3rd of the student population in this home? Well, just a few minutes ago he excitedly brought me his latest "invention"...recently he purchased a Zune mp3 player with his own money. So, since he's obsessed with the thing anyway, he decided to rig it up to his electronics kit, and he has made his own speakers (though the electronics board). Not only that, but now his Zune is picking up FM radio stations better than it had been. He is quite pleased with himself and I am quietly laughing at the fact that he has created his own schooling for the day.

So there you have it....that's our day. Me, I haven't really done a whole lot either, which is nice AND the things that I have done sound like a big deal so it seems like I've accomplished stuff today too. 2 dozen English muffins and changed the sheets on the bed. Now I'm off to knit on Christmas gifts, cuz dinner is in the crockpot too!!

Love those lazy days!

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Karen said...

I love homeschooling! The kids really do learn a lot on those "down" days. How fun!